Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Products

The New Bitx Version 3 Kit has had a wonderful response from buyers world wide.
I will be looking out for feed-back to improve on my kits.
Shortly you will find download links and information in detail about the projects on sale at our e-bay shop.
Many products will be coming up for sale.
Some Products that will be on our ebay shop.
1. Huff And Puff Stablizer
2. S.Meter LED Type
3. S.Meter Bar Type
4. DDS Kit
5. Band Pass Filter PCB and Coils
6. Low Pass Filter PCB and Coils
7. AGC Module
8. CW Module for QRP TCVR
9. New Frequency Counters
10.Morse Code Detector
11.Pic Keyer
12.VU Meters in Acrylic and Led Modules
13.PCB for Bitx ARA
14.Micro controller projects with LED

I hope when all these products are added you would like making some of them.
Our effort is in bringing these products at an economical price.
Shortly we will be introducing cabinets for all the projects.
All the best

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